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  • LILACS - Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences
    LILACS is a bibliographic index of literature on health sciences, published in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean since 1982. It is a cooperative product of the VHL Network. In 2009, LILACS has 500,000 thousand bibliographic records of articles published in about 1,500 journals in health science, from which approximately 800 are currently indexed. LILACS also indexes other types of scientific and technical literature such as theses, monographs, books and chapters of books, congress and conference proceedings, reports, governmental publications and regional international organizations publications. LILACS can be accessed for bibliographic search in the VHL Global Portal and records are also indexed in Google.
  • VHL Portal
  • BVS Brazil
  • USP Journals
  • SciELO Books
  • Evidence Portal
    The Virtual Health Library (VHL) - Evidence Portal collects, organizes and provides integrated access to sources of health information to better level of evidence according to the methodology proposed by the Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) as well as access to sources information on the methodology MBE itself. This database aims to promote the use of best practices and evidence information to support decision-making processes in health care and management, as well as the process of developing new evidence-based studies with the application of EBM methodology.
  • Cochrane Library
    The Cochrane Library is a collection of updated information on sources of evidence-based medicine, including the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews - reviews that are prepared by the Cochrane Collaboration Groups. Access to the Cochrane Library by VHL is available to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean only.

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