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  • Index Psi Scientific Journals

    Database reference bringing together the scientific and technical literature in psychology and related areas. Contains over 42.000 references and abstracts to articles from more than 160 Brazilian journals published since 1949. It is maintained by a the brazilian Network of libraries, the REBAP (Rede Brasileira de Bibliotecas de Psicologia).

  • Index Psi Scientific Dissemination Journals
  • Index Psi Thesis
    Contains informations more than 7,000 dissertations and thesis in the Brazilian field of Psychology, enabling access to the full text when available. The initiative aims to bring together the largest possible number of researches since the first investigations until the current year.
  • Index Psi Books
    The Index Psi Books is the result of partnership initiated in 1999 between the Federal Council of Psychology (CFP), the Library of the Institute of Psychology (IPUSP), the University of São Paulo (USP) and Brazilian publishers that publish books in this area. The goal is to select, gather, organize and disseminate, in a single site, the editorial production of the Brazilian scientific books available to those interested in Psychology (researchers, scholars, professionals, librarians, students, etc). It is intended to enable access to the book, by buying directly from the publisher, in consultation with a local library catalog or request copies of chapters through the systems of fotocopies available in Brazil.

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