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  • CFP´s videos
    Os Videos do CFP apresentam os vídeos institucionais produzidos pelo Conselho Federal de Psicologia e Sistema Conselhos envolvendo as seguintes temáticas: Ato médico, CFP na mídia, Congressos e Conferências, Debates online, Depoimentos, Mostras de Psicologia, Programas e Séries temáticas, Psicologia 50 anos de profissão e Seminários.
  • Videoteca Digital of Psychology
    The Videoteca Digital of Psychology currently has a collection of more than 900 titles of movies and videos directed to the areas of psychology, psychanalysis and related. They serve to support teaching and learning and also have a character of entertainment to the users of the Institute of Psychology from University of São Paulo (IPUSP) and other universities. The collection is comprised of commercial films, classes, work courses from teachers, as well corporate videos, lectures, conferences and seminars cataloged from online portals of movies (such as Youtube, Google Videos, etc.) leading the Psychology topic.

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